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Certified Cybercop – Cloud Security

Certified Cybercop – Cloud Security

Certified Cybercop Cloud Security & FedRAMP – ON-Demand
Certified Cybercop – Blue Team – ON-Demand

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Integrated Knowledge Solutions

We are committed to providing comprehensive, world-class training for today’s rapidly changing & challenging working environment


Flexible Training Methods

We offer virtual live, in-class instruction, on-site training and self study programs


Technology Partnerships and Industry Recognition

We have partnered with industry leaders to offer the best available training programs and options


100% Exam Pass Guarantee

If candidates using CertFirst self-study packages fail the examination the candidate can use 100% of the funds spent toward the same program offered through the hands-on classroom environment


Convenient locations

CertFirst convenient corporate locations makes it easy and convenient for students to take courses with us. For corporations and companies wishing to train more than 5 students, we could arrange for easy and convenient client-site training


Experienced Instructors

All CertFirst trainers are certified and highly experienced in their respective specialized area. Most of our trainers have average of over 15 years of experience in their respective fields and industries.

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Client Testemonials



I am thankful to CertCop and CertFirst for their scholarship program. With one month of focused preparation, I passed the CKLPT Certification exam on my first attempt, marking a big milestone in my cybersecurity career. I strongly recommend CertCop and CertFirst to anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity.



I get certified in CertCop’s Certified Kali Linux PenTest Course (CKLPT). First and foremost, the course is quite comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics relating to ethical hacking and pentesting. I would recommend this course to beginners who are interested in ethical hacking and penetration testing.



I took the (CKLPT) course from CertCop. The course content is planned to cover a broad range of concepts. Individuals with busy schedules may benefit from the course’s flexibility, which includes self-learning choices and flexible scheduling for Instructor led live sessions.



I want to express my gratitude for the incredible CertCop scholarship Program. Thanks to the CertCop team. I obtained e-books and videos and learned a great deal about using Kali Linux for penetration testing. I strongly recommend CertCop to anyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.


Ron J

I took this class to learn more about the Cloud and FedRAMP and I was able to understand the course with the additional walk through method provided by the trainer. Excellent class.


Helen – US DoD

I took this course to gain knowledge of FedRamp & Cloud Security. I give a perfect 10 to CertFirst and the Trainer.


R. Walter – USMC

I took this Course since a lot of our work now being focused on the cloud environment, needed to become more knowledgeable with FEDRAMP, cloud and overall cloud security processes and procedures. Instructor was excellent and he was able to fully explain every aspect of not only FEDRAMP and Cloud but all of the security processes that go with securing the environment. This course was extremely helpful and the level of experience of this company and the instructor provided was exceptional. Interested in seeking additional CertCop courses from CertFirst. All portions of the class worked perfectly with our schedule.


H. Medina – US DoD

The instructor mastered the subject. used a lot of useful material that makes it easy for the student to get a good understanding of the topic. His expertise and ability to carry the class at a nice flow made the class very appealing and managed to attract the attention of his audience. great instructor. Outstanding services and I would recommend his class to anyone within my community.  Again, keep up the good work. Great company. Also the courseware and related study are above and beyond. Outstanding instructor and good customer service.



Instructor was great and had amazing energy throughout. He also added a lot of additional material and customized the class. I really got what I needed out of this course.



Excellent course, excellent presentation of an enormous amount of material.



Great EC-Council CND course and great instructor. I was able to learn a lot of new concepts.



Great training and tools given in preparation for the Cert and now its up to me to study with the tools given.



The course was great with lots of examples given over each concept. Everything went smoothly.



Instructor explained the material very well, provided great additional explanations and examples, provided additional resource information, patient, sense of humor and of course, voices! Loved it!

I gave perfect 10!


Rochand – USMC

virtual live training Trainer delivered a great course. I have taken a couple of certification prep courses offered by the Marine Corps and this one takes the cake. The material was presented in an easy to follow and understand manner. It was very entertaining. In my Marine Corps courses the instructor would simple read from the book or from power point slides. This course was quite the opposite. virtual live training Trainer presented an immersive experience with the videos, resources, and his sheer wealth of knowledge.


Patricia – US Marine Corps

Great job, virtual live training and the Instructor who taught this class. I learned a lot and will pass the exam with this knowledge. thank you.



I had the pleasure of Kris administering the CompTIA Security+ / Network+ boot camp in 2019. The class and material provided was critical to my achieving the Security + certification. I also found the Security + course work and material highly correlated to the CISSP course. He does a great job going beyond the basic material and test prep by providing practical application and demonstrations.

I absolutely had no issues whatsoever with virtual live training support team. All obligations were met to expectation of quality in a timely manner. Includes deliveries of exam prep tools, study material, and virtual class related correspondence.



Thank you Sam and virtual live training for delivering a great 1 on 1class on a short notice. I was going to loose my job if I did not pass my exam before the deadline given to me. All the support I received from the virtual live training team and excellent Virtual live instruction from Sam during these COVID crisis, I was able to pass the exam at my first attempt. Thank you so much virtual live training as I cant be more satisfied and will recommend you guys to all my friends.



Great Course and Kris is a gifted instructor.



Trainer was very effective in teaching the lessons and provided an assortment of additional resources to not only help acquire practical and conceptual knowledge of the subject matter, but also allow the students a better chance to pass the CISSP exam. Also what a stellar support team at virtual live training.


Mike – USAF

Perfect 10. Instructor made the training fun and engaging.


Cruz – USAF

Everything at virtual live training was great! Absolutely would recommend to my friends at USAF.


Martez – USAF

Great training. Trainer was very knowledgeable and would definitely recommend him and virtual live training to anyone.



A lot of information was presented in a digestible way. I received more training materials than I expected (I expected maybe one or two files, but I got a ton of material to help me study, files upon files), plus easy to understand slides, and helpful/funny/fun videos to help break up the monotony. The instructor threw in a lot of humor and seemed down to earth, didn’t judge me for any questions I asked no matter how simple, gave me praise for asking good questions. I highly recommend virtual live training for the CompTIA training.


Matt – Simventions

I enjoyed how virtual live training Trainer was able to bring in additional media to the training, instead of just lecturing to slides. He provided demonstrations of the technologies we discussed, showed simulations of networks to explain things, and also used videos from various companies and industry experts to further explain topics. I also appreciated his sense of humor to keep things from being too dry.

Trainer did a good job balancing the compressed schedule that we had due to a holiday and has made sure to provide contact information should I have any additional questions.


Nat – Grainger

This is the best interaction that I had with a Training company representative and it is because of Parm. He guided me beyond my expectations and that gave me the confidence to sign-up a course. Thanks a lot to Parm for this opportunity.
The Instructor Kris has put all his resources and efforts under his belt to guide and expose me to the cybersecurity world with relevant knowledge and all his guidance is appreciated. I would take another training with virtual live training if an opportunity arises and recommend him to others too.
I couldn’t think of anything else and more from both Kris and Parm and they are many steps ahead to support me. Thanks



Parm is wonderful and also very helpful and accommodating.
Great class and excellent instruction by Kris. I think I can pass the CTT+ now! Thanks



Excellent PostgreSQL DBA course!. Parm was very helpful in finding a course to review. I will highly recommend virtuallivetraining all my peers.




Excellent PostgreSQL DBA course, very helpful contrasting and comparing postgres to oracle, differences in internals and how different things are done. Excellent trainer.

I really enjoyed the training and the course content was well prepared to cover the main aspects/topics about PostgreSQL database administration


Thank you very much, contents were explained very well and very positive attitude. Very satisfied.



Excellent virtual live training training and certification program. Will recommend to all my co-workers to consider this program. Really enjoyed the session.

DOE logo

US DoE (Department of Energy)

Kris was a great instructor, and did a good job at keeping student’s attention. There was a lot of material to cover in the 5 days of training, but Kris did a good job of getting through everything.

Sonia is extremely helpful, professional, and accommodating. This is the second class I have attend with your company. I have plans to sign up myself and my IT Staff for more classes with your company. The Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and seemed very passionate teaching and providing examples and additional materials; he kept the four days very interesting as he kept me engaged and interested in the subject. I absolutely enjoyed his style of teaching and I look forward to taking another class from him.




Very good class. Instructor’s knowledge of the material and his real world representation definitely help make the class more interesting. Well design program and delivery.



Great course. I am looking forward to taking more CISSP and cloud classes with virtual live training in the near future.


US Marine Corps (USMC)

Instructor did a fantastic job covering all the CompTIA course material. He was knowledgeable and able to explain the material in a manner that related to the students. I really enjoyed this class.

I thought this course was very good. It was fast-paced due to combining the two classes into one week (network+ and Security+), but it’s a manageable amount of content. Thank you.

The Instructor was able to cover all the Topics listed in the Course Outline and he was able to provide us with all the details and resources related to this training. Thank you for an excellent training session.


US Navy

Parm was very helpful and responsive. Highly recommend virtuallivetraining to everyone who is looking for a professional training services.

Overall a great course with a ton of useful information and tutorials. I really have no gripes about the course, the content was on point. I heard you offer an incident handling course, very interested in that as well.


US AirForce

virtual live training Certified Instructor was an awesome knowledgeable instructor. One of the best.

I would highly recommend virtual live training and their trainer. Amazing class.


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